The objective of Peabody Youth Hockey is to provide to the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA and MASS Hockey Guidelines.

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Tanner Parents and Players,

Please see the rosters for the 2017-2018 season below.  If you do not find your child’s name or your child is no longer playing PYH please let me know as soon as possible.  Some players were placed on lower-age grouped teams to help them with their development as hockey players.  It is very important that your child plays with kids of similar ability so that he/she can reach their full potential.  Players with a ** next to their name will need to obtain a waiver to play down an age-group. 


How to obtain a waiver:  All paperwork must be submitted to me by August 10

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Documents Tab

  3. Print out PYH Playdown Form and fill it out

  4. Write brief letter addressed to Dr. Alan Ashare explaining that your child should play down because they are not ready for their current age-level of competition.  It can be 2 or 3 lines saying that your child is new to hockey and you feel they would be benefit more from playing down one season with players of similar abilities.

  5. Email these forms to me at by August 10

  6. I will submit the paperwork to Massachusetts and USA Hockey for approval.The process is very easy and there shouldn’t be any issues with any waivers.


                                      2017-2018 PYH Team Rosters

Mite A

Squirt AA

Squirt A

Pee Wee A





Kaiden Anastas

Tristan Joyce

Matthew Scopa

Brady Leonard

Alex Armata

Ryan Lockhart

Brandon Speziale

Michael Ryan

Camden Hill

Connor Cole

Thomas Ordway

Mason Sutcliffe

Andrew Ogles - G

Alyssa Norden

Logan Whitehouse

Derek Faia

Kathryn Ordway

Luke Falzarano

Nathan Palhares

Andrew McKenna

Mason Pereira

Brendan McKenna

Kevin Shiner

Jayden Vargas

Logan Prifti

Reardon Zaccaria

Eleni Spack

Brandon Cole

Anthony Ragusa

Nick Armata

Joseph Tavilla

Penelope Spack

Juli Shiner

Maggie Becker

Joelyanna Tarantino

Ava Buckley

John Tavernese

Nicholas Morabito

Irene Caron **

Leah Buckley

Vasiliki Vlismas

Daniella White

Dimitri Estathopoulos **

Chase Caruso

Luke White

Dillon Perry - G

Jasmine Giacolone **

Sean Rubchinuk

Sean Ordway


Sean Norden **

Tyler Gates - G

Olivia Penney **



John Ogles - G

Alexis Penney **








Head Coach

Head Coach

Head Coach

Head Coach

Rob Ordway

Glen Cole

Kevin Shiner

Mark Leonard









Kevin Shiner

Kevin Becker

Jay Scopa

Glen Cole

Michael Prifti

John Zaccaria

Rob Ordway

Gino Faia

Ryan Penney

Lindsey Norden

Lindsey Norden

Marc Caruso