The objective of Peabody Youth Hockey is to provide to the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA and MASS Hockey Guidelines.

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2021-2022 Season
It is the objective of the Peabody Youth Hockey Association, to provide the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA Hockey and MASS Hockey guidelines.  Each player will be afforded the opportunity to compete against players of equal ability from surrounding towns.  Our teams will focus on participation for all who want to play and not on winning at all costs.  The emphasis will be to teach basic skills, self-discipline, team play, and sportsmanship for all participants.
It is the intention of this compact to promote Fair Play and Respect for all participants within Massachusetts Hockey. It is expected that all parents and participants of Massachusetts Hockey read and understand the Parent’s Code of Conduct and continue to observe and follow all the principles contained within the Code throughout the year.
  1. I will not force my child to participate in hockey. I will try to make it FUN!
  2. I will remember that my child plays hockey for his or her enjoyment, not mine.
  3. I will encourage my child to play by the rules and resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence.
  4. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of the game.
  5. I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly.
  6. I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a game.
  7. I will remember that children learn by example. I will applaud good plays by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  8. I will never question the official’s judgment or honesty in public. I recognize that officials are being developed in the same manner as players.
  9. I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth hockey games.
10. I will respect and show appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to hockey for my child.
11. I will never yell, taunt, threaten, or inflict physical violence upon my player, coach, official, or spectator at any youth hockey activity. 
12. I will not be critical of, or embarrass any player, including opposition players.
13. I will leave the coaching to the coaching staff. I will encourage my child to play in a manner consistent with the team’s strategy or plans.
14. I will communicate all and any concerns to the team manager, coach, ACE Coordinator or association representative
15. I agree that school should take precedence over hockey.
16. I realize that my child is responsible for his/her equipment.
17. I will refrain from the use of abusive or vulgar language, racial, ethnic, or gender related slurs at any time at the rink or any youth hockey function.
18. I will emphasize skill development and a serious approach to practices and explain how skill development will benefit my child.
19. I will attempt to learn about the game of hockey (USA hockey rules, equipment, etc).
20. I will refrain from throwing objects of any kind on the ice or pounding on the glass.
21. I will insist that my child plays in a safe and healthy environment. I will support a sports environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco and will refrain from their use at all sports events.
22. I understand the benefits from participation in a team sport, the commitment, the discipline and the social skills learned and acquired.
23. I will support the whole team concept.






1. Team tryouts will be held each March/April at the end of the hockey season for all members in good standing.
2. The purpose of the tryouts will be to competitively place players at their appropriate age/skill level of play.
3. All players who are notified of tryouts must register and attend all tryouts.  Team positions will not be held open for any player regardless of talent, if that player has not participated in the tryout for that team.  Exceptions are case basis, e.g., exception to injured player, doctor's note must accompany player at registration/tryouts.
4. Players coming into the program late, releases from other towns (financial release form required at time of registration), or new arrivals will be placed at the lowest level team and be evaluated for placement at the appropriate age/skill level where an opening exists. 
     NOTE: No player selected to a team through the tryout process will be moved down to a lower level to make room for a new player who did not attend tryouts.
5. It is the intent of the PYHA BOD to place players at the appropriate age/skill level as not to cause injury to a player by playing at a level above the player's ability.
6. Players who have been selected to a team officially will be notified by the PYHA BOD (by mail) and followed up by notification by the head coach of the team.
7. A player may be moved up to a higher age level or playing level after selection to a team and officially notified by the PYHA BOD and the head coach of the team.
8. The tryout process shall consist of a minimum of two (2) on ice sessions per level (i.e., mite, squirt, peewee, and bantam).  Mite Instructional team tryouts may utilize one (1) on ice tryout session.
9. Tryout sessions shall be by age level as set by USA Hockey.  All candidates for tryout must be pre-registered and must wear full equipment and numbered tryout shirt.
10. Registration/tryout cost is not refundable if player participates in the tryout.  
1. All teams will be selected prior to the selection of the head coaching position.
2. The Coaching Director will make recommendations of coaches to the PYHA BOD for final approval.
3. The Coaching Director will be responsible for implementation of on ice try-out procedures with approval of the PYHA BOD.
4.  Detailed tryout procedures can be found in the Player Tryout and Placement Policy.
Players will not be allowed to tryout at a higher age level team unless the following conditions are met.
1. Player must first tryout at his/her appropriate age level.
2. Parental permission is required.
3. There is a need and/or justification for the lower age players to play at the higher age level.
4. The PYHA BOD and Coaching Director agree with the need and/or justification.
5. No higher age level player will be displaced from the higher age level team by a lower age level player regardless of the lower age level players ability.






No player shall be released to any other town team except for under the following conditions:
1. RELEASES WILL NOT be granted to any player deemed unsportsmanlike after a hearing of the BOD, or who has been prohibited from playing for PYHA.
2. The player must be registered with PYHA (minimum of registration fee).
3. The team the player is trying out for is below the minimum number for league play (11 players minimum including 1 goalie) and no team will be entered.
4.  The team the player is trying out for is at capacity and no other team will be entered (20 players maximum).
5.  All financial obligations must be met prior to being released to another program.
Non-coaches and non-rostered players (unless playing up for the team) are NOT allowed on the ice for any PYHA activity except as follows:
1.  Such position is in conjunction with a coaching position.
2.  Insurance certificate is on file with PYHA.
3. Any such on ice involvement has prior approval by the PYHA Board Of Directors.
4. Parents are called on ice by coach or referee if their child is injured.
5.  No PYHA purchased ice may be used for any purpose other than league games or PYHA team practices or skills.
Parents are NOT allowed on the player's bench during any ice activity (games and practices).
1.  Independent team players are required to provide the PYHA head coach with a copy of the game and practice schedules from the independent team so that the PYHA head coach can make adjustments when conflicts occur.
2.   Independent team players are required to pay the normal team cost regardless of their availability for games and practices.
Disciplinary action can be taken against any player for any conduct that is deemed detrimental to the player, team or PYHA organization.  Such actions, although not all inclusive are:
1.      Any abusive or foul language/gestures directed at any coach, player, officials, including coaches and players from opposing teams.
2.      Fighting of any kind on or off the ice while involved in any PYHA activities.
3.      The deliberate intent to harm any teammate, opposing player, coach or official.
4.      Absent from practice or game without prior permission by the head coach.
5.      Late for games or practice on a consistent basis without permission from the head coach.
6.      Insubordination or actions detrimental to the team or the PYHA program.
Discipline for any of the above circumstances can range from sitting out a single shift during a game to the suspension from any and all PYHA activities.
Any player, who receives a game misconduct penalty or gross misconduct penalty from an on-ice official must be identified to the PYHA-BOD by the head coach at the earliest opportunity not to exceed 24 hours from the time of the incident. Initial notification of such an incident must be followed up with a written description of the incident by the head coach at the earliest opportunity.
Disciplinary actions by a head coach, up too but not including a game suspension are not subject to review by the PYHA BOD.  Continued disciplinary actions are subject to review by the PYHA Board Of Directors.
A parent may request, in writing, a hearing by the PYHA BOD regarding disciplinary actions.
1. Any coach (head coach, assistant coach, and clinic coach) is subject to disciplinary rules set forth by the USA Hockey, and the State of Massachusetts Hockey Association and the youth hockey leagues that PYHA is registered in.
2. In addition to the above-mentioned rules the PYHA Board Of DirectorsD reserves the right to impose further disciplinary action on any coach who's actions are deemed inappropriate by the PYHA Board Of Directors.  All complaints submitted in writing will be reviewed by the PYHA Board Of Directors.
3. Any head coach or assistant coach who receives a game misconduct penalty, or gross misconduct penalty, must report the details to the PYHA Board Of Directors at the earliest opportunity and document in writing a full description of the incident within 24 hours.
4. Incidents are also to be reported to the PYHA Coaching Director.
NOTE: Incidents are to be reported within 24 hours so that the PYHA BOD has information related to the incident when the program is contacted by the District or Mass Hockey
1. Any parent who is abusive to any official, player, coach of either team is subject to expulsion from the arena.  On ice officials can ask a parent to remove themselves from the playing arena for conduct unbecoming a parent.
2.   Any and all disciplinary actions against a parent must be reported to the PYHA Board Of Directors within 24 hours of the incident by the team coach.  The PYHA Board Of Directors must review the circumstances and decide if further actions are required.
The PYHA Board Of Directors can be made up of up to nine (9) members, but shall not fall below seven (7) members, one (1) of which will be President.
The following is a guide to the functions and responsibilities of the BOD.  These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1.         President

2.         Vice President
3.         Treasurer
4.         Secretary
5.         Fund-raising Director
6.         Webste Director
7.          Parent/Player - Equipment Director
8.          Coaching Director
9.          District/League Director, Registrar & Rosters
10.        Ice Coordinator
11.        Learn to Skate Clinic Director
REFER to appendix A, By-Laws of PYHA, for description of Board Of Directors functions and responsibilities.
1.      The annual meeting of the program shall be held in September of each year and a written notice shall be emailed to each member in August at his last known email address as it appears in the records, at least 14 days prior thereto. In addition, there will be (2) OPEN Board Of Directors Meetings during the months September through April.
1. Post a notice of such vacancy on the PYHA information board, located in the lobby of the rink and posted on the PYHA web site.
2. Nominations for open positions on the Board Of Directors will be accepted from interested program members in good standing.
3. A ballot listing the most qualified applicants (as determined by the PYHA Board Of Directors) also including a write-in candidate slot will be provided at the time of election of the program for the purpose of electing candidates to fill vacant Board Of Directors positions
4.  Election of candidates for open Board Of Directors positions will be by secret ballot and each family (in good standing) will have 1 vote
5. Elections for open Board Of Directors positions will be held during team tryout periods, at the end of each season.
6.  Election results will be reported at the annual meeting.
1.  Any officer or director may be removed from office as a result of failure to fulfill the duties of said office or for conduct detrimental to the best interest of the organization.  Said removal requires a two-thirds majority vote of the remaining board of directors.
The program cost will be based on the program outlined and approved by the BOD for the season planned annually.  Copies of the approved program will be distributed annually to all participants just prior to the start of the season.  The components of the cost will include:
1. A registration/tryout fee.
2. Cost for league games and practice ice.
3. Cost for USA Hockey insurance fees and other administrative costs.
1. PYHA registration/tryout fee.
2. Registration and game costs per league.
3. Registration and insurance for USA Hockey.
4. Estimated fifty (50) practice hours.
5. Awards cost.
6. Banquet cost.
7. Equipment cost (stockings / practice jerseys).
1. Midget teams will be based on availability of players, skill level, and the desire for split or full season participation.  The decision will be handled on a case-by-case basis each season.
2.  Estimated twelve (12) practice hours.
3.  Equipment cost (stockings / practice jerseys).
1. PYHA registration cost.
2. League registration and game costs.
3. League registration and for USA Hockey insurance.
4. One game and one practice (average) per week.
5. Awards cost.
6. Banquet cost.
7. Equipment cost (stockings / practice jerseys).
Important Notes: 
1.  The break-even point for planning purposes will be set at fifteen (15) skaters per team plus (2) two goalies.  Adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis as needed. A maximum of two goalies are planned for each team but adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis as dictated by player numbers.
2.  League play-off game costs are included in the PYHA program tuition and for teams, which qualify for end of season play-off games, PYHA will make payment to the league.
3.  Non-league tournament games are not included in PYHA program tuition. Each team that enters non-league, district, or state tournaments is responsible for payment of all game costs.
4.  A multi-skater / sibling discount is offered to families with multiple participants who skate on full cost travel teams. Eligible families will be entitled to a $150 discount for each additional child participating from the same family. 
5.  There will be no pro-rating of membership tuition for anyone joining the program late.
6.  No family discount will be given for late registrations. Subject to review.
7.  No refunds will be given if a player withdraws from the program.
8.  If a player with other siblings in the program withdraws, any unused portion of the withdrawing players membership excluding the registration fee may be credited towards the other siblings membership.
9.  Membership refunds/adjustments will only be given for documented injury time missed and time missed for High School Hockey (both must be greater than 28 consecutive days, see article 10.11).  Adjustments will only be made ONCE at the end of the season, members are expected to pay their full membership on time.
1. Payment schedule (determined by the PYHA BOD) will be included in the Program Outline emailed to each member in August (due dates and amounts will be specified in the Program Outline and will also be posted on the PYHA web site:             (
2. It is preferred that all payments be made using personal checks, bank checks and VENMO.
3. All payments must be rendered in full no later than the due dates specified in the Program Outline mailed out each year.
4. Any parent who is unable to meet the scheduled due date must notify the PYHA BOD in writing prior to the payment due date.  The BOD will take under advisement these requests for extended payment on a case-by-case basis.
5. Checks may be made payable to "PYHA" and may be given to the Program Treasurer, team manager / coach or mailed to:
Peaboby Youth Hockey
P.O. Box 2081
Peabody, MA 01906






All teams, mite instruction thru midget will be scheduled for practice using one of the following methods based on ice availability:
1. One regular scheduled practice per week using either full or partial sheet of ice.
2. Additional practice may be scheduled based on ice availability.
3. Only rosters players may participate in a teams practice.  
4. There are no scrimmages allowed on practice ice between teams of different levels.  This is for the safety of the players. 
1. After evaluation by coaching staff and concurrence by the BOD, if it is determined that a player is not capable of playing at his or her age level, and continuation at that level could possibly result in injury to the player or other players, the BOD will recommend to the parents that the player be removed from that team and placed on an appropriate level team, if such team is available, or until such time as the player develops the appropriate skills to compete at a specific level of play.
2. If a player is removed from a team and cannot be placed on a lower level team within PYHA, then every effort will be made to locate an appropriate team in a surrounding town.
3. The PYHA BOD will work closely with the parents to assist in making proper decisions as to the best approach to use to continue development of the player and advise parents of alternative training programs.
1. The PYHA BOD will determine league participation and practice allocation based on program numbers and ice availability.
Refunds will be issued to any player not placed on a PYHA team or to a surrounding town team.  This refund will be pro-rated for the weeks not played.
Reasons for non-placement to a PYHA team could be as follows:
1. Maximum team members achieved for a single team and there is no second team available.  (Maximum number of players per team is twenty (17) players including goalies).
2. Minimum players for a team   (Eleven (11) players including goalies).
3.        Safety issue is determined.  SEE SECTION 8.
4.        Any money owed to the program.
5.        Injury/Illness refunds will be based on a player being unable to play more than 28 consecutive days minimum and a doctor’s letter documents the injury/illness.
Note:  A refund WILL NOT be issued to any player for any other reason, such as: make-up of team or coaching staff, based on their personal opinion or preference.
1. All coaching positions will be on a voluntary basis.  Applicants must apply for coaching positions.  Coaches will be evaluated and recommended by the Coaching Director and approved by the PYHA BOD.
2. Each team will include one (1) head coach and at least one (1) assistant coach.
3. All coaches must have appropriate USA hockey C.E.P level, Safe Sport and USA module for age level they are coaching.
4. Head coaches will be responsible for all team activities including games, practices, and tournaments.
5. Coaches have the responsibility to insure that all players have equal ice time.
6. Assistant coaches shall be selected by the PYHA BOD; the head coach may also select additional assistant coach(s) subject to approval by the PYHA BOD.
7. Eligible candidates for coaching positions shall request to the Coaching Director, preference of team to be coached.
8. All coaches shall be reviewed by the parents of their players 2 times during the season and said reviews shall be sent to the Coaching Director.
9.   Coaches are responsible for the safety and conduct of players on their team from the time they enter the rink, including (1) on the ice, (2) on the bench and (3) in the Locker Room.
10.Coaches are required to report all gross or misconduct penalties of players, themselves, assistant coaches, and parents to the PYHA BOD within 24 hours in writing and be accompanied by the game sheet.
NOTE: Coaches are responsible for actions of parents during games and practices.
11.  Coaches are required to contact Lower Level Team Coaches when and if it is necessary to bring a Lower Level player up to play in a Higher Level game.  The Lower level Team Coach will designate a qualified player/players (on a rotating basis) to move up for one (1) game.  No Lower Level player may be allowed to play for a Higher Level Team more than four (4) league games without PYHA BOD approval.
12.  Coaching methods are to be positive in nature (not demeaning) towards all players and fair to all players (equal ice time for all team members).
13.  Coaches who experience player discipline problems are encouraged to report details (in writing) of the problem to the Coaching Director so that the BOD can take action with the player and/or parent
14.  Coaches or designated assistants are responsible for collecting team shirts after each game and maintaining shirts during the season (team shirts are not to be left in player’s equipment bag and are not to be used during practice).
15.  Coaches and assistant coaches will be required to provide player evaluation assessment a minimum of 2 times during the playing season in a standard format provided by the Coaching Director.
16.  Head coaches (or designated assistant coach) are mandated to attend periodic “Coaches Meetings” when scheduled by the Coaching Director.
17. Head coach for each team is to define team rules at the beginning of the season and provide written copy of rules to each player/parent (copy to be provided to the Coaching Director).
18.  Head coach is responsible to assure that only players on his team roster are on ice and the bench during team practices and games.
19.  Head coach is to turn in game sheets to the Coaching Director (method and timing to be specified by the Coaching Director).
20.  Jr./student coaches will be considered for assistant coaching positions subject to approval by the PYHA BOD. Candidates will be required to adhere to rules and requirements specified by USA Hockey.
21.  All head coaches and assistant coaches are members of the coaching committee.
22. All coaches are required to where hockey helmets while on the ice, NO EXCEPTIONS.
23.  Violations of the above rules will result in disciplinary action by the PYHA B.O.D.
Each coach will select a team representative who will have the following responsibilities, as designated by the head coach such as:
1.   Liaison between coach and parents.
2.  Notification of tuition payment due dates and/or distribution of tuition bills.
3.  Assist the coaching staff in notification of team members for game cancellations or any rescheduling of games.
4.  Submit newspaper releases as provided by the head coach and provide copies to the PYHA web site director.
6.    Issue PYHA information to all team members and parents (i.e., fund-raising events, etc.).
7.    Submit updated PYHA information (news, schedules, events, etc.) to the web site director.